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Отчет-2014 для FEG

Dear Colleagues,

The Russian Tourist Guides Association (RTGA) in the period between 2014  and  2015 counts 1200 guides with foreign languages and 700 Russian speaking guides. The total number of languages used by RTGA members is 26 including such languages as Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic, Turkish as well  as Greek, Flemish , Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese. All RTGA members maintain  accreditation cards and certificates. The Accreditation is granted by the Council of Experts at Moscow Committee for Tourism and Hotel Industry issued to the graduates of Guides Training schools which are licensed as educational establishments of professional orientation.
The leading Moscow Guides Training Centre was founded by RTGA and provides 700-hours academic course.
The first accreditation is issued for the period of 3 years and needs to be updated every 5 years and enables the guides to guide in the main Federal and Regional museums such as  the Kremlin , the Tretyakov  Art Gallery, the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, the State History Museum.
The trend of this year is the growing  interest of incoming tourists to theme interest tours dedicated to Soviet period in urban architecture, classical literature, art science and technology. The members of the Board together with the Guides training Center, have organized 20 city and vicinity tours, devoted to different dates and events ( World War 1,
Romanovs Dynasty , The Russian Orthodox Saint-  Sergiy Radonezhsky -700 anniversary.
Guides, members of RTGA were invited to work with Teams and Fans of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
In the season of 2014 the flow of incoming tourists has dropped by approximately 30 per cent as confirmed by the leading incoming operators. This is due to the current political situation.
The forecast for 2015 is a dramatic drop in bookings for major tourist products such as Imperial Russian Waterways.
The guides employment opportunities will be balanced by the growing tourist flows from continental China, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Brazil, Mexico.
The growing domestic travel market will make it possible for the guides to find new working places.
The RTGA continues to get ready for the FGA Convention in November of 2015, fully
Supported by the Committee for Tourism. Moscow is looking forward to FEG Meeting as
an important cultural event ,which will help representatives of different European states to
understand each other and build  cultural bridges.

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