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Over 1000 licensed guides belong to the Association.

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" Информация от Всемирной Федерации ассоциаций гидов (WFTGA) об учебном курсе для гидов" (Кипр, ноябрь 2019г.)

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA)
training@wftga.org info@wftga.org Registered Office: Vienna, Austria www.wftga.org
WFTGA is an NGO in Operational Relations with UNESCO Affiliate Member of UNWTO
wftga cyprus ttt 2019 - brochure
Would you like to work as a WFTGA qualified tourist guide trainer?
Would you like to play a key role in improving the standards of tourist guiding?
Would you like WFTGA and University Accreditation for your training abilities?
WFTGA is offering a
at the WFTGA International Training Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus.
Duration: 13 DAYS (14 nights)
Start of Course: Monday 04 November 2019
[Arrivals: Sunday 03 November 2019]
Last day of Course (Examinations): Saturday 16 November 2019
[Departures: Sunday 17 November 2019]

Course Fee: 1,690 Euros – for WFTGA members
1,990 Euro – for non-WFTGA members
Outcome: Successful participants of the Train the Trainer Course will leave with a WFTGA
and University qualification and be able to use what they have learned to train tourist guides
in their own area of qualification or licence.
Progression: Successful participants, who are also fully paid up Members of WFTGA, will
have the opportunity to progress to become WFTGA International Trainers.
Limited number of partial scholarships:
Participants working in countries listed in tiers 3-4-5 (see our member fee list on the WFTGA
website: www.wftga.org) may apply for a limited number of partial scholarships. Scholarships
depend on the yearly sponsorship available and tourist guiding experience of applicants
(application forms are available on request from training@wftga.org).

Train the Trainer Course 2019
Target Group: The course is designed for Tourist Guides who would like
to become WFTGA accredited Trainers, or Tourist Guide Trainers who
would like to improve their training skills and gain WFTGA accreditation.
Entry Requirement: A minimum of one year of tourist guiding experience
is required to sign up for this course.
Language: The Course will be delivered in English. Practical assessments
and written examinations will be conducted in English. Therefore
participants require a working knowledge of English, both written and
Minimum Number of Participants: 8
Maximum Number of Participants: 12
A WFTGA International Train the Trainer Course may run parallel to this
course and participants will work with each other.
Course Contents: The course will include:
Practical Guiding and Training Skills
• 2-Day Communications Seminar, which includes sessions on
presentation skills, self-evaluation, organising knowledge and
tailoring a tour to an audience
• Guiding on a Walk (Town)
• Guiding in a Museum or an Art Gallery
• Guiding on a Moving Vehicle
• Guiding People with Special Needs – Tourism for All
• Guiding using a whisper-system
• Teaching Practical Guiding Skills – Tutoring on a Walk, in a Museum
and on a Coach
• Coaching and Assessment Skills
• Facilitation of the Communications Seminar
Applied Knowledge
• Itineraries/Tour Plans and Time Management
• The Challenges of Different Types of Guiding
• Story Telling in Tourist Guiding
• Protection of Antiquities and Sustainable Tourism Development - tbc
• Learning during Adulthood
• The Power of Feedback
• Procedural Steps for Training
• Designing Guide Training Courses (including marketing and creating
a business plan)
• Criteria for a Guide Training Course in a Specified Area

Cultural Studies
• Group Psychology
• The psychology behind humor
• Cultural Sensitivities
Business Studies
• Running a Professional Guiding Business
• Guide’s Role in Tourism and Guiding Ethics
Assessments and Examination: Practical assessments and written
Certificates are issued jointly by the WFTGA and the University of Cyprus.
Depending on outcome Certificates of Successful Completion or
Certificates of Attendance will be issued after the training course.
Attendance of all sessions, including all assessments and written
examinations, is compulsory to receive a certificate.

Train the Trainer Course 2019
WFTGA and Cyprus International Training Centre - Terms and Conditions
Application Forms are available from training@wftga.org. Applications must be accompanied by
your CV and a copy of your Tourist Guide Certificate or Tourist Guide Licence. Please send your
fully completed application form and the required documents to Viola Lewis, WFTGA Head of
Training, at training@wftga.org
Online applications will be available in the near future – please check www.wftga.org
The WFTGA Training Division will acknowledge receipt of your application and will forward it for
consideration. We might ask you to submit additional information or evidence. Acceptance of your
application may be conditional.
On acceptance of your application the WFTGA Treasurer will send you an invoice for the deposit
with bank details and payment methods.
Application Deadline: The last date for applications is 31 July 2019.
WFTGA will confirm places on the course by 14 August 2019.
Course Fee: 1,690 Euros – for WFTGA members
1,990 Euro – for non-WFTGA members
The Course Fee includes: 14 nights hotel accommodation in single rooms with buffet breakfast
from 04 November; refreshment breaks on working days; 10 lunches and four dinner (three of these
dinners are hosted by the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association, the Nicosia Municipality and the
University of Cyprus); transport between hotel and classrooms; entrance to sites and practical
training; handouts and training material; interactive training delivered by WFTGA Trainers; lectures
by University of Cyprus staff; assessment and certificates from WFTGA and the University of Cyprus
within four weeks of course completion; first year WFTGA Trainer registration fee; unique trainer
registration number on payment of trainer registration fee in year 2 (currently 30 Euros)
Payment conditions:
• Immediately after acceptance of your application a deposit of 30% of the total course fee
must be paid into the WFTGA Bank account, on invoice. This is a non-refundable deposit
unless WFTGA and the International Training Centre in Cyprus cancels the course.
• The payment of deposits also applies to partial scholarships.
• The balance must be paid into the WFTGA bank account by 30 September 2019, the latest.

In case of cancellation by the applicant WFTGA will retain the 30% deposit.
WFTGA reserves the right to cancel the Training Course if the required minimum number of
participants is not met. In this case deposits will be refunded to applicants.
WFTGA will not be held liable for any cancellations caused by conditions outside our control or
Force Majeure.
The WFTGA will announce within two weeks of the application deadline – by 14 August 2019 - if the
minimum number of applicants has been achieved and if the course is financially viable to go ahead.
Course participants are responsible for securing their own insurances for travel, health etc.
Course participants are responsible for getting a visa of entry into the Republic of Cyprus (if
required) prior to their arrival in the Republic of Cyprus. Please check http://www.mfa.gov.cy/
The WFTGA and International Training Centre in Cyprus can provide letters confirming your
attendance, dates and purpose of travel and accommodation.
We look forward to receiving your application.

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