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Отчет нашей Ассоциации Европейской Федерации в 2018

Annual Country Report 2018 Russia

Dear Colleagues,

The current year has been outstanding and exceptional for Tourism in general and for the unprecedented growth of the interest and motivation to become a Tourist Guide in Russia. The Football 2018 World Cup in June and July became a huge factor in stimulating the growth of tourist/fans flows of incoming and domestic travelers to 11 cities of our immense country, level of hospitality and safety, openness and easy access to services, including Police, Transport, Volunteers, traders, catering, etc. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Sochi, Kaliningrad became venues for football matches and at the same time passed their exams in organizing leisure and providing services to crowds of tourists.
The RTGA was involved and participated in all organizational events of the World Cup Committee. Our trainers and guides have created a new Moscow Sightseeing Tour "Moscow - the Capital of the World Football" with a new itinerary, which includes places and tourist objects, connected with development of sports in pre-revolutionary Russia, in the Soviet time and today. All colleagues had a chance to either participate in this training masterclasses or study it on our Web. The best guides - members of RTGA guided this tour for all categories of professionals involved in the World Cup: Police and Security officers, drivers and transport managers, Tourist operators and volunteers. The RTGA also organized a visit for guides to two new stadiums in Moscow and vicinity, as well as Fans official camps.
Efforts of RTGA were directed at providing information and training courses to guides, especially new in our profession, building contacts with other regions, especially those facing problems with lack of professionally qualified and accredited Tourist Guides, communicating with City administration to secure the program of the World Cup.
The Tourist Season 2018 was also very fruitful in attracting young professionals to our Association and in effectively improving the prestige of Tourist Guide’s profession. On April 28th, 2018 the second City Event “ The Day of Moscow Guide” was held with the support of Moscow Department of Sports and Tourism, including the III International Guides’ Conference “Excursions: new challenges”, welcome speaks from the Government of Moscow representatives, professional unions, Diplomas presentations to fresh graduates, honoring of Veteran Guides.
In 2018 we have continued lobbying and promoting the amendments to the Federal Law on Tourism in the definition of the Tourist Guide’s profession. The Draft Law has been accepted by the Expert Council of the Federal Cabinet of Ministers and is ready for the first reading at the State Parliament. The three features of the guide’s profession: citizenship, accreditation (regional professional qualification) and professional education are in the draft version. This work allowed us to consolidate with 18 regions of the country and we are planning to unite in the Russian Guides’ Union.
We wish 20th FEG European Tourist Guide’s Meeting all success, fruitful professional exchange and very much fun!

Russian Tourist Guides Association

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